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StudyNow goes #REDforED

In support of the nationwide movement that sprung up following the teacher's strike in West Virginia, StudyNow is going RED to support increases in teacher pay, teacher resources and overall student engagement. When people feel they are fairly compensated for their work, they will always perform better! Don't we want the best for our children!

The blue will be back, but the teacher's come first! #REDforED

StudyNow tutoring website goes red for #REDforED:

Please support our teachers and schools, the future depends on it!


StudyNow is an educational services company focused on learning beyond the classroom. The StudyNow Tutoring Services Platform CATCHES students during critical transitions in their educational careers.

We CREATE Neighborhood OnRamps that provide students access to local tutoring & mentoring services one on one or in a group setting.

We ASSIST parents, teachers, coaches and families to benefit all students.

We TEACH students to shift gears, move from one speed to another then slow down to FOCUS as they move forward and to the left, toward the fast lanes of LIFE.

We CONNECT students to resources that are readily available, but may exist just outside of their field of view.

We HELP students navigate the merge from middle to high school or high school to college.

We ELEVATE students' skills in goal-setting, note-taking, test prep and organizational skills.

We SUPPORT StudyNow Tutors, Mentors, Study Group Leaders, Neighborhood OnRamps, students, parents, teachers, coaches and teams with OnRamp Assessments, OnRamp original content, Technical Support and StudyNow SCORES Technology (Scheduling Communication, Online Resources, Email & Social).

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