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In 2016, we launched OnRamp - a weekly study group to give students needing extra help transitioning into high school, an outlet, a different way to learn beyond the classroom.  The name came from the idea that we make transitions everyday through ONRAMPS.  We move from the service road to the freeway - an important transition.

OnRamps take us places. And they've moved me to some pretty exciting places in my life. When I left a small town in Texas by way of the Interstate 75 North OnRamp, on the way to college, and then careers in music, education, technology, training and employee development -- I had no idea at the time where it would take me or where 

I would be at this moment in my life.

I had the opportunities to work with amazing people, at amazing places with

amazing cultures. When I started noticing that BIG things only happened for me

and people around me when three things where there, I developed this

formula for success:

1) have a clear mission,

2) create genuine relationships, and

3) work hard on a focused track.

In my career, I have enjoyed creating dynamic company cultures through focused training and MOTIVATED development. By maximizing human and technological resources while shaping a desire to achieve, aspire and know -- a “can-do” attitude emerges. With this foundation, so much MORE is possible.

And it is POSSIBLE much faster.

As confidence grows, so follow better results and possible becomes probable.  Believing in the PROBABILITY of success and not just its possibility, gives follow-through greater value and stronger purpose. Probability encourages focused effort where possibility may produce none at all. The magic is helping students see a path is not just possible, plausible or probable -- but preferable -- now they want it to will it into existence - to make it happen.




Bottom line--I learned in my life that BIG things happen with inspired culture, that self-driven people are happier, and do more to create fast growth in themselves and others when they are surrounded by an environment of encouragement and example.


My dream position has always been one where I could utilize my passion for inspired culture, vision and development in a way that made a significant contribution and impacted an organization's long-term growth.


Then I realized that up to then, my definition of "organization" was too limited.  Realizing an organization doesn't have to have a building around it or a company logo, but that organizations surround us everywhere, I decided my opportunity for impact could be right in front of me. I was in middle school, high school and college. Why not apply the same strategies, using the in-depth experience I gathered working in large-scale, educational training and development environments, and seize an opportunity to return something back?


That was then, this is now -- StudyNow.  As of August 20, 2017, OnRamp became StudyNow, an educational services company offering in-person, group, StudyHall and online learning opportunities beyond the classroom.


During the middle school to high school transition, a critical step in educational careers, StudyNow helps students realized the importance of these key moments -- opportunities for significant growth -- social, academic, athletic, and personal.


By teaching...

Students how to use and MAXIMIZE the resources available to them, we build CONFIDENCE in learning with a self-sustaining EFFORT.


By showing...

Students how to ENCOURAGE and build each other up, we ENGAGE their intrinsic MOTIVATION through natural, POSITIVE peer interactions at all ages, leveraging their existing SOCIAL network to create SHARED commitment.


By providing...

Students individual ATTENTION along with group INTERACTION, students learn how to use positive SOCIAL and young adult SKILLS while learning to excel in the classroom. And,


By being...

INTERESTED, we help students MOVE FORWARD, one session, one class, one semester -- ONE LANE -- at a time.

        Will Rogers, the humorist and social commentator once said,
                     "Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there."


During these multi-layered educational transitions, FORWARD motion is a minimum requirement.



Navigating and transitioning is like merging onto the busy freeway. It's not just part of driving, but a LIFE SKILL our lives depend upon. Navigating it successfully can lead us to amazing places.


Life's highways have taken all of us from the slow lane to the fast lane, and back again. We sit on the shoulder sometimes and we even might end up in the ditch. But in the time from middle school to high school, from kids to men and women -- if we NAVIGATE well, these highways have the possibility, or better yet, probability -- no, they can have the preferability -- to take us to ANY destination of our determination.


The FREEWAY is wide open; and first, we all must MERGE.


We travel from home, through the neighborhood, to the edge of town and onto the interchanges, the service roads and cloverleafs of future's passage. The next transition isn't long; it's merely an entrance, a staging area, a chance to get up to speed and lined up for a successful merge.





We MOVE...


...onto the on-ramp, passing through it in the blink of an eye and speeding forward into lanes of traffic.

At StudyNow, we FOCUS on the short, little road -- call it the NOW between the THEN and the NEXT.

And, the experience happens live,

See you in the fast lane!

Brandon Haney

Founder, StudyNow





Brandon Haney, the founder of OnRamp and StudyNow is a Level I Fingerprint Clearance card holder with a background in corporate learning and development.



From LinkedIn


Brandon Haney is a Level I Fingerprint Clearance card-holding, parent of three
with a background in corporate learning and development.


Brandon is a unique and rare leader. He is an excellent coach and is the type of
character that isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty. He has high expectations of himself
and of his team. He is highly motivated, hard working, and has a contagious attitude.


Brandon leads by example and has the ability to bring out the best performance
out of others. His full-throttle work ethic is unmatched by any other individual I have ever met.

Brandon has a wonderful ability to lead and teach in a very informative and professional manner.


Brandon is the most motivating, positive person I have met. He makes training FUN! He has the ability to train on complex topics, and always makes whomever he's talking with feel comfortable. If you're looking for someone who can take your training to the next level, you won't find any better!


Brandon is always up for a new challenge and excels at accomplishing tasks that some would think to be impossible. He is more than capable of managing, leading, organizing and inspiring others.


Brandon’s natural ability to lead combined with his extraordinary presentation skills add to his vast talent spectrum making him a distinguished colleague and a tremendous asset to any organization.


Brandon is one of the most unique individuals I have ever worked with. He is the great equalizer. When everyone on the team is stressed or worried about a deadline or project, he will be the one to add some levity or insight and the team is all the stronger with him on it. He also knows the education industry better than most people.


Simply put, he knows how to reach people. He effortlessly connects and always leaves you with a smile on your face every time. Any organization would be fortunate to have Brandon Haney's knowledge base and team-spirited personality put to work for them.


Brandon is the "best in the business" plain and simple. I was always impressed with his accomplishments at Grand Canyon University. Always positive and upbeat, always taking on the impossible tasks, always producing above expectations...always on the leading edge in a complicated and competitive environment.


I highly recommend Brandon Haney.

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