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Tutors Needed

Did an "OnRamp Tutors Needed" ad catch your eye?


If you are looking for a way to supplement your current income or maybe even a new career mentoring and helping young adults make the transition from middle school to high school or high school to college? Then seeing that ad could be your answer. If you've seen our ads saying tutors needed before, but haven't taken much notice, think again. You might be surprised to realize that there are opportunities to tutor in all subjects at all grade levels with OnRamp. And you might be just the person for the job!

Aren't teachers, classrooms, lectures and group instruction enough?

Which teacher would you rather have: a lecturer who doesn't take any questions, or a tutor who works with you 1-on-1? Everyone prefers the tutor, but millions of online learners around the world are stuck with the lecturer. Wissner-Gross is changing all that with state-of-the-art scalable learning which allows a single tutor to give personalized instruction to a billion students at once!

Source: Zach Wissner-Gross | TEDxBeaconStreet

What makes a good tutor and why are OnRamp Tutors important?

If you're considering becoming a tutor for the first time, let's consider everything involved. A great OnRamp Tutor has 1) a range of skills and subject areas, 2) a commitment to education and 3) a desire to help young people realize their high probability of success when they follow your lead. The successful applicant will have the dedication to continue working on their skills on an ongoing basis. Communication, Listening and Leadership Skills

You may have a passion for your subject but the relationship between tutor and learner whether face to face OR online makes a huge difference. Active listening skills, empathy and patience go a long way when leading a young adult.

Excellent Knowledge of Subject and Resources

Good tutors have a deep understanding of their subject that goes beyond the core facts. OnRamp provides access to a range of resources that will assist in helping in every subject area and every grade level.

An Appreciation of Learning Process

Some tutors are natural born teachers who may not have to hold a degree in educational psychology to be effective. But any teacher will benefit from understanding learning styles, different teaching methods and techniques for helping all types of students. If a student's progress is unsatisfactory you try other avenues tailored to the individual learning needs.

Although some are working to debunk that learning styles even exist, this short video by Ana De Armas Y Villada from the Campus in the Cloud project by Alcatel Lucent Technologies, goes into some detail on learning styles in the learning process.

Every OnRamp tutor has certain personal qualities: enthusiasm, dependability and integrity. If you know instinctively that you have a flair for mentoring young adults during key educational transitions, then you may find our niche is right for you. If you lack the subject experience to teach academic subjects remember that OnRamp provides a range of resources to assist you.

Learning is a LIFELONG journey, continue yours!

If you have expertise in one of many hundreds of subjects and are willing to put effort into passing that knowledge on then take the next step and find out what it takes to Get Involved!

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